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Mintel analysts discuss changes in consumer behaviour and market shifts in China, the US, and Europe resulting from the global spread of COVID-19, as well as lessons learned from Asia. With safety and wellness at the top of consumers’ priority lists, what does the future hold for sustainability, new product development, and distribution innovation?


Mintel experts in food and drink discuss how COVID-19 has impacted innovation in the food and drink industry and what brands should be doing to progress in the next six months and beyond. They also compare consumer behaviour in the current recession compared to what it was in 2008.



Mintel analysts discuss the evolution of work and share predictions for what’s coming next. How have issues like technology, automation, workers’ rights, diversity, the gig economy, and later retirement ages changed everything about the way we work?



Mintel experts discuss the power of the senses and their effect on the human experience. As the world becomes more digital, how are food, drink, beauty, and personal care brands adapting their innovation and messaging strategies to engage the senses and elicit emotion?



The global pandemic has created a sea change in the way consumers live their lives and brands are shuffling their messaging to connect with them. Mintel experts discuss how COVID-19 has accelerated and shifted consumer trends related to experiences, technology, value and identity.



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