Nicholas Carroll
Nicholas Carroll, Category Director - Retail Insights, has a particular flare for the grocery industry but analyses and writes in-depth reports on a range of UK and European retail markets.

Ahead of this year’s spooktacular Halloween weekend, Nicholas Carroll, Retail Analyst at Mintel, takes a look at whether retailers are in for a fright night or if consumers will raise their spirits…

In 2014 we found that 48% of UK consumers purchased some Halloween items and we expect no slowdown in demand for Halloween products in 2015. Due to this positive reaction, we estimated that the market for Halloween based products reached £275 million last year. This year, we estimate the market will grow around 3%, increasing sales to near £283m. 

When it comes to what sectors will be receiving a trick or treat, deflationary food prices will hold back value sales of sweets and chocolate, the most purchased product in 2014 with 40% of consumers doing so, however we expect to see strong growth in non-food products such as fancy dress and decorations.

The Halloween period is particularly important for the major grocery retailers as Mintel research indicates that 92% of UK consumers who purchased goods for Halloween in 2014 did so from a supermarket retailer. We expect major grocery retailers to benefit from increased demand this year, supported by big marketing efforts made for the holiday. Given the rising popularity of non-food discounters within the UK, and their increasing Halloween ranges, we also expect such retailers to benefit from any uptick in demand.

Our research also shows that the holiday is increasingly capturing the imagination of younger consumers, with 67% of those aged 16-24 purchasing some Halloween goods in 2014. Younger consumers are particularly drawn to the fancy dress aspect of Halloween, with 35% of 16-24 year olds buying fancy dress products last year. What’s more, with the event falling on a Saturday this year it should help to increase demand for party themed Halloween products, including fancy dress, amongst this age group. Retailers – in particular the major grocery retailers – are reacting to this demand by broadening their range of Halloween goods to accommodate products both for children and younger adults, which we think will fuel a positive Halloween for retailers.


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Nick joined Mintel in 2014 as a retail analyst and currently writes a range of UK & European retail reports. Prior to joining Mintel Nick worked for over eight years in retail for both Jones Bootmaker and Barratts.