I run the research and analytics practice in our New York office, so we work with pretty much all the major disciplines and we also measure performance so that for any activation or content we produce we understand the impact it has on our client’s business and on building their brand.

We work with global clients like P&G, Citi, Garnier, Nestlé, Wendy’s, and we just won Cadillac, so we work with clients across many different verticals – CPG, automotive, travel; our client portfolio is pretty broad.

We are a creative agency but we are at the more integrated agency stage.

We have clients who are more traditional who we are helping with the digital transformation, but at the same time we have clients who are in the new media space as well.

Mintel has helped in many ways and with many clients. It provides a road map for us when we set about looking at a business; it’s really helped us identify the path forward in solving our client’s challenges.

The infographic overview of a particular category is great for us as a snapshot we can put straight into our client presentations, and Mintel Trends is proving to be invaluable, helping us to identify particular trends that inspire our ideas.

Mintel Reports & Mintel Trends

Mintel is the first place to go to understand a category and which brands are the leaders there. We’ve been using Mintel Reports for about 8-9 years and Mintel Trends for the last couple.

Mintel’s industry reports are the first place we go, and Mintel Trends is a great asset for us alongside to understand trends in consumer behaviour and technology.

Anything I want to learn about how different technologies are being applied in marketing is in Mintel Trends, and I go to Mintel Reports to understand a category more broadly.

The whole industry has changed with new technology and social arriving in a big way in how consumers share information, so the challenge for us is getting consumer insight that is relevant and can contribute to brand planning and which helps figure out how to engage with consumers.

It’s about getting a holistic picture of how consumers are thinking about brands and technology and interacting with them around that.

Mintel have really made a lot of improvements in their reporting function and are supplementing their industry reports with social media.

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Mintel Reports

Mintel Reports provides in-depth market analysis, consumer trends and rigorous data telling you what you need to know about consumers and what will drive future growth.

Mintel Trends

With analysis that monitors, tracks and interprets consumer behavior, Mintel Trends helps you understand changes in culture, markets and brands so that you can target consumers more effectively.