In every market there are leaders and followers. The difference between them is having the confidence to implement change. Our reason for being is to give you that confidence.

Our team brings together world-leading industry gurus, data experts, experienced facilitators and inventors. We’re a mix of curious, logical thinkers, grounded in commercial reality – what binds us is our passion for understanding the Consumer.

Critical to our process is learning from the past, tracking what’s happening in the now, and understanding what’s coming tomorrow. While working with us, we promise to deliver ideas that are grounded in fact and hard data. Opportunities which are defined by industry experts and are big enough to invest in, have long- term growth potential and will generate organisational buy-in and excitement.

Our Expertise

➔ Innovation Strategy

Innovating is easy. Innovating successfully is not. Successful innovation is new product that sells; new directions people rush to follow. That takes time, expertise, collaboration.

➔ Consumer Research

It’s people who determine your business’s success. But how much do you know about the customers who hold your future in their hands? How can you influence their behavior?

➔ Market Entry

Expansion is a key leaver for growth, but knowledge is critical to know where and how to play in new markets with confidence. Do you have the data & insight you can trust to make these key decisions?

➔ Advanced Analytics

We leverage product and consumer data to craft future-looking custom models that identify and steer innovation opportunities. Combining our expert knowledge across data science, analytics and strategy to provide you with the confidence to implement changes.

➔ Field Services

Mintel Field Services provides on-the-ground consumer reporting with data that monitors competition and informs sales strategy. Where you can find out what’s really going on at the coalface of consumer choice – in stores, on shelves, in service, on price tags.

➔ Custom Reports & Publications

Custom publications delivers a fresh viewpoint supported by rigorous data on brand, innovation, strategy and consumer insight, specifically offering value to the projects that matter to you the most.

Our Process, Your Opportunities

Vertical Expertise

Beauty & Personal Care



Household & Personal Care



Case Studies

Trend Analysis, Propositions & Product Concepts


A global Personal Care client approached Mintel to gain a comprehensive view of future trends in liquid hand wash and recommendations on new propositions in order to continue to champion the category in the light of new players rapidly gaining market share in Australia.

Understanding Microbiome in Skincare


A leading CPG company wanted to understand more about the microbiome concept in skin care – primarily consumers’ interest, what they want and why – in addition to an understanding of how key competitors are communicating the microbiome concept in skincare.

Concept Testing and Consumer Segmentation


A global ingredients client was looking to elevate their position in a particular drinks category and ultimately develop new product offerings across multiple ASEAN markets.

In order to help with the development of new product offerings, they also needed to understand consumer perceptions of the category, receptiveness towards the concepts, and understand the target audiences for each potential offering. 

Talk to Our Experts

Shelley McMillan

Head of Consulting, South APAC


Shelley heads up the consultancy business in South APAC. She joined Mintel in 2017 after a 10-year career in the FMCG brand management & innovation roles in Australia, New Zealand and EMEA. At Mintel Shelley has worked as a consultant across multiple clients, industry sectors and markets, today she plays an active role with clients, advising on innovation strategy, opportunity mapping and data-driven insight techniques.​

Jenny Wu

Head of Consulting, North APAC


Jenny looks after Mintel consultancy business in North APAC. She has been working at the consulting team for 5 years. Her contribution is instrumental to Mintel Consulting business growth in North Asia. She has been done a wide range of consulting projects with numerous Food & Beverage and Beauty clients. ​

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