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STOP: If you are doing a business marketing or social sciences course, this is one resource you should take note of.

Why? As time goes by and the work begins, you’ll need to know about markets, brands, companies and communication. You’ll also need to know about how people think, feel, behave and act in a consumer society. We’ll make that easy. Because all the data, analysis and ideas you’ll need are available online through the website. So, even in the unlikely event that you’ve left doing that assignment until the last minute, you’ll still be able to access the information that will get you through. (Let’s face it there are more than enough complicated sources out there.)

To access: Go to, if you don’t login automatically ask your library for login details.

Multiple sources pulled together by experts.

For the arguments in your assignments to stand up, you’ll need to reference multiple sources. We understand that. That’s why, as well as access to research that you won’t find anywhere else, you’ll also get data from multiple credible sources.


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