From: September 12, 2018
To: September 13, 2018

Mintel’s own David Tyrrell, Global Skincare Analyst, will be presenting at the 2nd Skin Microbiome Congress on the West Coast!

On Thursday, September 13th at 11:35AM, David will be discussing The Probiotic Trend in Skincare: Markets, Consumers & Products. He will be giving an overview of the increasingly popular probiotic trend within the skincare industry and future directions, focusing on the market, consumers and product launches, as well as exploring the growing number of brands that are lauding the benefits of products that keep the skin microbiota healthy and thriving.


Skin Microbiome Congress

Join 200+ industry experts from multinational pharmaceutical, beauty and personal care companies, along with the independent skincare brands and innovative biotechs who are advancing the field.

Discover the potential of prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic products being developed to protect and promote a healthy microbiome and ultimately combat dermatological conditions from acne and eczema to dandruff and skin allergies.

Learn more about the event at their website here.