From: August 3, 2018
To: August 8, 2018

Mintel’s own Lynn Dornblaser, Director of Innovation and Insight, will be attending and presenting at this year’s 35th International Sweetener Symposium! She’ll be speaking during the “Understanding the Food Industry Marketing – Balancing the Consumer Story” panel at 11:00AM. See details below:

 Understanding the Food Industry Market, Balancing the Consumer Story

Consumer choice has taken center stage and we know that they are bombarded with information and choices, but are still confused. So, what does this mean for the sugar industry and how can the we cut through the noise to effectively restore consumer confidence about consumption in moderation? Everyone in the industry has a part to play in balancing the dialogue and it’s important that our messages are consistent and meet consumers where they are. These industry experts will share their insights and help to lay out a path forward.


Attendance at this year’s Symposium is a must for all industry players. With the current Farm Bill set to expire in 2018, where will Congress be with drafting the next Farm Bill and what will it mean for the sugar industry? Will the new Administration’s trade agenda and its promise to renegotiate many of the existing agreements affect agriculture? How are the new Suspension Agreements regarding the U.S.-Mexico sugar trade working? What is the current balance in the world sugar market and how does that translate to the U.S. and world sugar market outlook?  What are the new issues facing sugar and sugar-containing-product consumption and current trends in these markets?  What is the outlook for the mid-term elections and how might the outcome affect potential passage of the Farm bill?  This is one sweetener industry meeting you won’t want to miss—REGISTER NOW to attend this important must-attend industry event!