From: October 15, 2018
To: October 17, 2018

Join Mintel at the 2018 ABA Bank Insurance Sales Conference! Mintel’s own Caitlin Moling, Director of Insurance Insights, will be presenting “Insurance 2.0: Reimagining direct marketing in the consumer age.” In her presentation, Caitlin will discuss new and creative campaigns insurers are designing to both win and build long-lasting relationships with consumers.

Insurance 2.0: Reimagining direct marketing in the consumer age

The insurance industry is approaching a scale of transformation that is fundamentally changing the paradigm under which carriers operate. No longer content to purchase policies only to collect dust, consumers expect regular touch points and demonstrable value.  As such, 2018 has been a year marked by a profusion of service-focused AI, mega-mergers, and experimental products. But how are carriers communicating this collective facelift? And in what ways is this innovation mandate translating to direct marketing strategies?


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