From: May 16, 2019
To: May 16, 2019

Big Conversation Düsseldorf 2019! 

This year we’re coming to Düsseldorf with a new theme and insightful presentations that will inspire you and your business.

There will be interactive elements, so you get to experience, taste and try some of the most innovative products carefully curated by our analysts for our live product demos.

See below, for a sneak preview of the topics, we will be covering and the agenda.


Lost and Found by Richard Cope

We live in a world of polarised “Identity Politics”, declining faith in religion and government, lone lifestyles and single occupancy homes. More than ever people are in danger of feeling isolated from society and apathetic about an uncertain future. In this presentation we will look at the demographic and social drivers behind this malaise and identify the resultant needs – and ways – for consumers to find and embrace brands, products and services that can reconnect them to a sense of shared place, identity, community, belonging and meaning.

How food can reconnect the disconnected consumer by Edward Bergen

Oscar Wilde once said “After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.” Never has the phrase been more relevant than now. The modern world moves at a rapid rate. While consumers are always digitally ‘connected’, they have never felt more disconnected from the world around them. Yet, since the beginning of time, one thing that has always connected people is food and drink. In this presentation we will highlight how food and drink companies can inspire consumers to form new connections. To reconnect them to themselves, to each other, to culture, and to the wider world.

The Beauty Mood Matters by Andrew McDougall

Modern lifestyles are stressing out consumers, highlighting a need for new approaches to boost mood and improve mental wellbeing. We’ve seen mood enhancing properties brought to the fore when it comes to new product development across a variety of sectors. Beyond the premise of a lipstick boosting confidence, products anecdotally bringing calm – often complete with premium ingredients and Instagram-worthy packaging – mirrors the new attitude towards self-care. We will take a look at some of the key ways the beauty industry wants to make people feel, and look, good.

Our analysts’ top picks from 2018 by Agnieszka Grygier & Andrew McDougall

Mintel’s analysts’ top picks will identify the key European launches in Food, Drink and Beauty and analyse why they have been successful, why they have potential or why they have missed a crucial opportunity. The session will introduce a tasting experience where you will be able to sample products and understand more about their story and key positioning.


09:30 -10:00: Registration and breakfast

10:00 – 10:20: Welcome and introduction by Ina Woitalla and Liz Westcott

10:20 -11:20: Lost and Found by Richard Cope and Q&A

11:20 – 12:05: How food can reconnect the disconnected consumer by Edward Bergen

12:05 – 12:45: Break

12:45 -13:30: The Beauty Mood Matters by Andrew McDougall

13:30 – 14:30: Lunch

14.30 – 14:35: Welcome back

14:35 – 14:55: Fireside chat with a special guest

14:55 – 15:40: Our analysts’ top picks from 2018 by Agnieszka Grygier & Andrew McDougall

15:40 – 15:55: Final words by Liz Westcott

15:55 – 16:30: Networking

During the morning break, there will be a Food & Drink product demo by Amrin Walji and a Beauty & Personal Care product demo by Alex Fisher.


If you are interested in the event, please speak to your Account Manager. Seats are limited!