From: July 18, 2019
To: July 18, 2019

Join Mintel for this year’s Big Conversation New York. Our event will take place on Thursday, July 18 from 9:00AM-12:15PM at The Chocolate Factor @ Ogilvy.

This is Mintel’s must-attend beauty event of the year!

This year’s theme is – Asia Revealed: How the Region’s Beauty Culture Impacts Trends.

Asian-centric beauty trends are spreading to the rest of the world. From beauty regimes to traditional Asian ingredients, Asian trends have now gained a stronger following in the west for their holistic approach to beauty.

Asia’s beauty culture has converged on nutrition and has given rise to the concept of holistic beauty. Each Asian country has its own dietary nuances that are based on culture, climate and available ingredients. Besides minor plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology, Asian consumers today are seeking highly advanced skincare and skin healing solutions.

Mintel dives into the shift in this perspective, the opportunities that Asia presents and the rewards that brands can reap abroad.

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