From: December 13, 2022
To: December 13, 2022

Webinar –  Digital & Tech Trends Germany: How to engage with Gen Z

Tuesday 13 December 2022 | 10:00 am to 10:45 am (UK Time)

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Jan Urbanek – Senior Consumer Technology Analyst, Mintel Germany
Carolin Jaretzke – Associate Director – Retail & Technology, Mintel Germany

With the ongoing digitalisation and the developing metaverse, consumers’ lives shift increasingly into the virtual space, shaping and transforming the way we interact with each other – and with brands and companies. This is especially true for the younger Gen Z, also known as digital natives. While many companies attempt to conquer the digital space, persistent questions remain: What are Gen Z looking for in tech and the digital world, and how can brands and companies interact with them?

In this webinar, join Mintel Germany’s Associate Director Carolin Jaretzke and Senior Consumer Technology Analyst Jan Urbanek for a discussion on the latest trends in technology and the digital world with a focus on German Gen Z, and learn what brands and companies should know when targeting this younger generation.

About the speakers

Associate Director Carolin Jaretzke joined Mintel in 2020, writing about consumer and market trends in the German retail sector. Prior to joining, she gained extensive work experience in the food ingredients and M&A industry. Through her market research and marketing positions at Doehler and Tate & Lyle she acquired a strong knowledge of the food, drink and retail market.

Jan Urbanek joined Mintel in 2020, writing about consumer and market trends in the German consumer technology sector. As Senior Consumer Technology Analyst, he delivers actionable insights on digital and tech trends, ranging from product categories to digital media topics.

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