From: December 2, 2021
To: December 2, 2021

Thai consumers’ increased interest in holistic wellbeing opens up new opportunities for brands. Join Mintel experts to explore the latest research and cases to activate your potential.


Date & Time: December 2,  14:00 – 15: 00 Bangkok time

language: Thai


Session 1:  Attitudes towards Healthy Living

As Thais strive to live a healthier lifestyle, opportunities exist for brands to offer healthy products through beneficial ingredients in everyday essentials, daily mood and mind boosters, and wellness products for an at-home living.


Session 2:  Attitudes towards Beauty and Wellness

The spotlight is shining on wellness as Thai consumers are starting to connect the dots between physical and mental health to achieve holistic wellness that reflects on beauty.


Session 3: Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

Increased interest in immune health and consumers’ pursuit of holistic wellbeing have opened up new opportunities for the VMS category in the ageing Thai market. Incorporate attitudinal perspectives with demographic characteristics to enable better understanding of who Thai VMS users are, what they want from the category and why.


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