From: November 29, 2021
To: November 29, 2021

Brands and businesses are in a brave new era where trust and community take charge. While trust is traditionally built at product level,  more is expected from companies to fine tune trust between brands and their consumers. 

Trust as a dimension of consumer priorities is expansive and nuanced, offering opportunities for brands to grow with a purpose at the core of its operations, rethink brand value and communications that reveal a compelling aspect of itself through different voices of influence. 

From livestreaming, direct-to-consumer models to value-based marketing and innovations, how a brand behaves as it seeks human connections becomes the headline. Yet before brands sell more, consider how deeper levels of trust drive longer term success. Brand personality goes beyond ambassadors; consistent brand behaviour across time and seasons — despite fleeting challenges and shifts in priorities — builds a sturdy foundation for consumers to hinge their own personal values on. This will signal the next evolution of brand loyalty.  

Join Mintel as we identify the path of future growth where trust can be built to strengthen the brand-consumer relationships that will deliver long term customer value. 

Date & Time: 29 November, 11.00-11.45am (GMT+8)

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