From: March 31, 2020
To: April 2, 2020

This year again, Mintel is exhibiting at in-cosmetics Global and also taking centre stage at the Innovation Zone with our daily Live Demonstrations.

In this coming edition, we will be focusing on the key factors shaping the beauty industry, bringing global product innovation to you and talking about the key topics that are impacting the market and that will do in the coming 10 years.

Marketing Trends Theatre – Expert-Led Presentations

In this occasion, we will be looking at China as a potential influencer for the global beauty markets, but we will also be analysing the intricate relationship existing between science and nature, focusing on how consumers are finding the balance between the two.

The panorama of humanity: what does it mean for the beauty industry?

Andrew McDougall, Associate Director of Beauty and Personal Care for the EMEA will look at one of the key trends that Mintel has spotted for the decade that has just started. In a complex world in which humanity is at stake, consumers will look to future-proof their lives by employing a variety of strategies embracing both science and nature. Self -actualisation, self-care and self-improvement will drive consumers to embrace more holistic approaches to beauty and wellbeing. The question of trust comes into play in a big way for consumers looking to science for answers as well as those who choose to go with their gut in order to live their best life.

Tuesday (31 March) at 14:00 h.

C-Beauty: a market to watch and get inspiration from

Alice Li, Senior Reseach Analyst in China, will be taking the audience through an innovation journey. From key ingredients to watch to trending new textures and formats, this eye-opening journey will be jam-packed with product highlights from core categories and reinforced with key consumer findings. Overall, this presentation will help you understand how China is impacting the world of beauty and how you can make your mark in this complex, yet rewarding market.

Wednesday (1 April) at 11:00 h.


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