From: March 7, 2019
To: March 9, 2019

Join Mintel at this year’s Natural Products Expo West! Mintel will be on site from March 7-9, 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.

Stop by and see Mintel at Booth 8010, where our Global Food and Drink Analysts will be doing live presentations daily, including highlights of our 2019 Global Food and Drink Trends.

During the Natural Products Expo West, we will be having 7 presentations each day on exciting topics within the Food and Drink category. See below for the full list of presentations:



What we saw on the show floor

Each morning, Mintel’s experts will talk briefly about what they saw on the show floor the day before. We’ll look at what we found through the lens of key trends they exemplify. And watch for a few truly surprising and unusual items!



The Evolution of Flavor

Melanie Zanoza Bartelme, Global Food Analyst

Consumer flavor preferences are constantly changing, especially as they are ever more exposed to new foods in their travels, restaurant visits, or through social media. This presentation will look at the trends to know now and what to watch coming down the road so you can stay ahead of the curve.


Grow your market by appealing to today’s mainstream consumer

Lynn Dornblaser, Director, Innovation and Insights

Your primary consumers likely are not mainstream shoppers. But companies with a more targeted product and consumer base have the potential to expand by better understanding who the mainstream consumer is, what appeals to them, and how to speak to them. This presentation will help you understand more about the mainstream consumer and discuss ways to best appeal to them.



Enhancing mood through food: Neurotransmitters, adaptogenics, and nootropics

Lynn Dornblaser, Director, Innovation and Insights

Food has always been thought of as a mood enhancer (chocolate, anyone?), but the discussion today has moved more toward the specific components that enhance mood. This presentation will take a look at the ingredients and substances associated with enhancing mood, discuss positioning and claims, and uncover what consumers think. We’ll look both at food and beverage and dietary supplements.



Messaging to the Current and Future Cannabis Consumer

Beth Bloom, Associate Director, Food and Drink Reports

Cannabis. CBD. Hemp. Oh my. As the market for legal cannabis expands, so too is the onslaught of adjacent products (and promises), saddling consumers with a lot of options and messages to decipher between.  We’ll discuss what consumers need to hear as they navigate the relatively new market, and make some assertions about how that messaging may shift as the market matures.



Today’s youngest consumer—and what they want to buy

Lynn Dornblaser, Director, Innovation and Insights

Generation Z is the youngest group of consumers—the oldest are 24 years old. We are just learning about who they are, what is important to them, and what they want to buy. This presentation will look at their attitudes toward health & wellness, dietary supplements, sustainability, and fun and flavor.


4:30pm Th 3/7 & Fri 3/8

2:30pm Sat, 3/9

What you think about products compared to consumers: Purchase Intelligence Live

Look for the products in the Mintel booth, and tell us what you think about them. Would you buy them? Why or why not? What appeals to you about them? We’ll tabulate the results, and each day we’ll discuss what YOU had to say about the products compared to what consumers had to say. Do you think the same as those potentially buying your products? If not, why not?


We look forward to seeing you at Natural Products Expo West this year!