From: December 7, 2021
To: December 7, 2021

Time & Date: 3pm-3:45 pm IST   Dec 7, 2021, Wednesday 

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Session 1: Opportunities in functional food and drinks 

Post-pandemic interest in holistic wellbeing has created opportunities for food and drinks that offer functional benefits beyond immune support. While Indian consumers seek a range of health benefits through food and drinks, their awareness surrounding functional ingredients is relatively low. In this webinar, we will explore potential for functional ingredients in food and drink and how brands can create value for consumers through functional food and drink products.

Session 2: Brightening Trends in Facial Skincare

The COVID-19 pandemic has made consumers more aware of both health and safety making them demand newer approaches to skincare. More than ‘how the skin looks’, ‘how the skin is’ has become a key focus leading to more conversations around skin health.

While Indian consumers are catching onto skin glow,  they lack understanding of what skin glow stands for and associate it strongly with whitening and brightening. This close association will not fare well especially as the industry moves towards inclusivity furthering itself from the whitening narrative.

There is an opportunity to position skin glow as improving skin health by latching onto functional skincare claims that help to achieve overall better skin quality.