From: May 23, 2019
To: May 23, 2019

THE HEALTHY BITE, by Omya, brings together world leading experts for functional and active ingredients for oral care formulations. New findings and solutions are on display and presented to formulators to support cutting edge innovations paired with economic advantages.

Mintel, will take part to the discussions by presenting on Thursday 23rd May at 15:15 about ‘A year of innovation in Oral Hygiene‘:

Unique flavours/ingredients must emphasise breath freshening and oral care benefits to gain consumer favour and compete with mint. Mouthwashes that blur with the oil pulling technique can expand and tap into the appeal of all things detox and Ayuvedic. Portable oral care drinks can disrupt the market and appeal to those seeking convenience.


To find out more about the event, click here. If you are interested, you can directly register here.