Mintel Field Services: Mystery Shopping

We can monitor anonymously either your locations (physical and online) or those of
your competitors, to give you real-time intelligence on products,
pricing, promotion, service and staff


Our access to a global network of more than 35,000 local field evaluators exists to give you a customer’s-eye view of the sales experience. We use consistent methodologies across categories and markets to deliver reliable, comparable metrics in the key areas that influence sales results.

What can it tell me?


Fresh insight into every element of the customer experience – from environment and service to staff knowledge and attitude.


A clear understanding of how your competitors price, market and cross-sell, the collateral they use and the products they are launching.


The tools to develop counteractive sales strategies and maximize customer potential and satisfaction.


A deeper awareness of geographic and seasonal trends and how you can use these to improve customer service strategies and sales performance.