Mintel Global New Products Database
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“Mintel GNPD is a great tool, and I often use it to support some of the work we do for the categories.”

“Mintel assists us with your studies of specific segments, such as liquid liners for example.”

“When used properly, it can stimulate creativity and generate new ideas.”

“I rely a lot on GNPD report because you can view all the trends in a specific category.”

“Our full team use GNPD to better understand both products and markets.”

“GNPD helps us in finding out which formulations our products appear in, and in which markets those products are being sold.”

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Find ideas

Learn about thousands of new product launches everyday from outside your category or market to find ideas you can apply to your business.

and compare

Identify and compare industry trends across markets and categories to understand how they can benefit or threaten your business.


Find extensive and up-to-date competitor launches to identify key strengths and weaknesses of your rivals.


Track unique packaging-specific characteristics from products from around the world to drive your innovation process.