Elevate The Value Of Wellness Within The APAC Beauty Landscape

Explore 3 Other Dimensions Of Wellness That Will Elevate The Conversations And Reinvent The Value

Wellness has been an important part of beauty, with a growing size in the role it plays. There is no singular approach to wellness, as consumers and brands alike consider how to renovate the mind and the rules of engagement with consumers through products and communications.

The wellness buzz continues to thrive within the beauty industry with heightened attention on physical and mental wellbeing. It is time to also focus on the other dimensions of wellness that serve as driving forces to continuously shape the beauty industry, presenting untapped opportunities to uncover and prepare brands to think about innovations. Brands need to think beyond physical and emotional wellness to increase the quality of innovation that influences how they resonate with consumers and be of value.

In this sample report, you will read:

  • Spiritual wellness: understanding the purpose, values, and beliefs that connect brands, products and consumers.
  • Environmental wellness: resilience is key as efforts and innovations revolve around sustainability, where ‘better for us’ is the revised version of ‘better for me’
  • Social wellness: The idea of community self-care will be on the rise that entails identity, community and connection