A year of innovation in colour cosmetics

A year of innovation in colour cosmetics

The ongoing cost-of-living crisis drives value messaging, the skinification trend continues to impact new product development and eco-ethical claims remain prevalent.

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Understand the biggest stories of the year with Mintel’s Year of Innovation in Colour Cosmetics 2023 global market report. Examine the global colour cosmetics market in granular detail by exploring the what, where and how of new product development to better understand the wider influences that shape consumer habits and preferences across key regions EMEA, APAC and Americas.

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Colour cosmetic innovation in EMEA

Innovation in the EMEA colour cosmetics industry will prioritise convenience and eco-packaging in new product development.

Brands should innovate with convenience claims during the cost-of-living crisis to drive value perceptions in makeup.

Opportunities exist for brands in the colour cosmetic industry to innovate and disrupt traditional packaging with alternatives that can be easily disassembled for recycling purposes, are refillable or are manufactured with plastic alternatives.

Colour cosmetic innovation in APAC

APAC consumers are expecting more benefits from their makeup as the skinification trend persists and the use of masks continues to drive innovation in the colour cosmetics industry.

Added benefits such as SPF, hydrating, anti-ageing and anti-acne claims will appeal as skin protection benefits are of high interest to consumers.

As many APAC consumers continue to wear masks in public, brands can drive makeup use by repositioning waterproof claims to denote transfer resistance or sweat-proof when wearing a mask.

Colour cosmetic innovation in the Americas

Multiuse, hybrid and eco-ethical claims stimulate innovation in the colour cosmetics market.

Multifunctional products will appeal during the current income squeeze. Brands within the colour cosmetic market can rethink their formulation strategies to create versatile formulas that are convenient, saving consumers time and money.

Women seek efficient makeup with beneficial skin benefits. Brands can assist women to streamline their makeup routines by integrating skincare attributes and ingredients into products. 

Eco-ethical claims see fast growth in LATAM due to regulatory changes for colour cosmetics and fragrances.

Top 3 innovative beauty product launches of 2022

Ethique, a sustainable BPC brand, has moved into the colour cosmetic market with its new lipsticks. Coming in seven different shades, the products contain no palm oil, are home compostable and 100% plastic-free.

Eclo Eyeshadow by Sustainable Beauty is packaged in 100% natural, 0% plastic packaging. The s for the entire range are made from scrap wood, plants and natural resin. They are industrially compostable and 100% biosourced in Europe.

Celebrity Harry Styles’ brand Pleasing has launched its first makeup products, focusing on intense pigments with multifunctional attributes. The range includes Universal Cream Pigments, Pressed Powder Pigments and a Gloss Medium.

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