Mintel Beauty Personas: Innovation and Opportunities in China Market

To better understand beauty consumers in China.

Mintel identifies several user personas worth noting based on their attitudes and behaviours. They represent the key consumer types in the current market and also indicate diverse consumer trends in the future.

In the current context of a slowing market growth, focusing on personas can effectively improve operational efficiency.

We focus on six high potential Beauty Personas:

Beauty Mavens:

“Iam happy to try and experience the latest beauty and personal care products and services.”

Holistic Wellbeing Followers:

For me, the harmony of body and mind is what allows me to present my most beautiful side.


My busy life requires me to make scientific and efficient purchasing decisions, so I am willing to spend more money to buy the right things.

Enthusiastic Experimenters:

“I am curious and interested in beauty and personal care products, and I hope to become a ‘beauty expert’ through constant experimentation.”

Conservative Consumer:

I am not very sensitive to my skin condition, and I believe that aging is a natural process.

Apprentice Apprentices:

I hope that beauty products can reflect my personality. They don’t have to be expensive, but they should be interesting.