Mintel On-Demand APAC Webinars

On-Demand APAC Webinars

Check out our selected library of webinars focused on the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region – available on-demand! Presented by Mintel experts, webinar topics include food and drink, beauty and personal care, inflation, cost of living, sustainability and more.

2024 Global Consumer Trends – South APAC
In this year’s Mintel Global Consumer Trends, we are calling out five trends that we think are particularly interesting for brands to pay attention to – both now and in the future.
2024 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends – South APAC
The emerging trend of “quiet beauty” places emphasis on the quality of ingredients, the proven effectiveness of products, and the reassurance of simplicity
2024 Global Food and Drink Trends – South East Asia
We developed the 2024 Global Food and Drink Trends with an essential value proposition: food and drink must taste good, be worth the cost and have reduced environmental and/or ethical impact, preferably without a higher price.
Functional Foods, Ingestible Beauty and The Indian Consumer
This transformation not only impacts the food and beverage sector but also shapes the beauty industry. Consumers are increasingly seeking foods with added health benefits, prompting brands to incorporate functional claims.
Acing Your Next Range Review – Australia
To explore this challenge, we’ll be uncovering how animal-based and plant-based food/drink categories continue the value tussle to appeal amidst changing dynamics on price, taste, nutrition, and sustainability.
Let’s Talk About Gen Z In India
They are paying special attention to brands’ mission and corporate social responsibilities in their daily actions and purchases.
2023 Beauty & Personal Care Trends – South APAC
As beauty is fast-evolving, brands should step up, be bolder and embrace disruption to create new propositions through building communities and enabling engagements to delight consumers.
What does “value” mean now for Chinese consumers?
Price, function, flexibility or durability alone is not the only value that Chinese consumers are after now. They want a combination, they go far beyond the above factors.
Exploring the Intersection of Value and Sustainability
Striking a Balance: Discovering the intersection of price and sustainability, Find out the impact of inflation on consumer spending under the current scenario.
2023 Food and Drink Trends – South East Asia
Mintel’s 2023 Global Food and Drink Trends webinar focuses on the key trends that will impact the food and drink industry in Southeast Asia.
Building Consumer Trust Through Brand Transparency
Mintel research shows that Indians are seeking ways to save money on food/drink and rethinking the importance of beauty products.
2023 Global Consumer Trends – South APAC
Dive into three of Mintel’s five new Global Consumer Trends and get a headstart on what consumers across South APAC will want and why in 2023.
2022 Cost of Living Trends – APAC
The cost of living is going up, and consumers are having to adapt their behaviours to deal with the repercussions.
Engaging Consumers in Sustainability 2022
Mintel’s global sustainability study reveals consumers’ environmental and social priorities and their shopping, eating and transport behaviours.
The Future of Beauty and Personal Care 2022 – Australia and New Zealand
Mintel beauty experts explore how the 2022 Global Consumer Trends will impact the beauty and personal care industry in the years ahead.
Food and Drink Trends 2023 – Australia and New Zealand
Reassurance will be a key theme to connect with consumers in 2023 who are challenged to adapt to a precarious world.
Food and Drink Applications of the 2022 Trends – India
Mintel’s global food and drink experts explore how the 2022 Global Consumer Trends will impact food, drink and foodservice in the years ahead.
Food and Drink Applications of the 2022 Trends – Australia and New Zealand
Mintel uncovers how the 2022 global consumer trends will shape the food and drink industry, and the opportunity areas they present.
The Future of Beauty and Personal Care 2022 – India
Explore opportunities centred around three Consumer Drivers and what this means for brands in India.
Understand Gen Z Consumers
Understand Gen Z and identify how beauty, food and drink brands can support their unique priorities.
Trends and Opportunities for Plant-Based Food and Drink in India
As Indian consumers seek healthier, cleaner and protein-rich diets, potential exists for plant-based food and drinks.
The Demand for Functional Benefits in the Next Normal
This webinar will explore opportunities in the food and beauty categories in India.
How Beauty Brands Can Talk Sustainability
There is a growing interest surrounding sustainability in the beauty industry, which has fueled consumers’ interest in beauty products that work for their skin but also have a positive impact on the environment.
Australian Restaurants Serve Up a New Purpose
As the foodservice industry moves into the ‘next normal’, many operators will re-evaluate their business model to meet evolving consumer needs.
Let’s Talk About Gen Z
Gen Z are an important consumer cohort for FMCG brands in India and will hold significant purchasing power in the years to come.
How To Target The Real Gen Z, Not The Myth
Look at what Gen Z really prioritizes from food and drink brands, and how this understanding can drive growth for your brands.
Leveraging Traditions to Win the Modern Indian Consumer
Navigate the dynamic landscape where tradition meets innovation, empowering your brand to thrive in the modern Indian market.

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