VP of Consulting, EMEA

From fast answers to deep insights, Mintel has provided research and intelligence solutions to consumer-focused businesses for more than 50 years. With a combination of world-class syndicated tools and custom insight solutions, we are the eyes and ears in the markets that matter and the insights behind our clients’ next big idea.

We are looking for a Consulting Leader, who will be responsible for regional solution design and will oversee the development and delivery of high-value Consulting solutions. You will play a critical role in establishing a global capability set and go-to-market strategy and will lead a team of regionally based Consultants. In addition you will be responsible for developing and implementing the global Consulting strategy, managing client relationships, leading project teams, and identifying new opportunities for the function. With your peers, you will be responsible for establishing the appropriate best practices for proposal development, pricing and project execution, and implementing them globally. You will be accountable for delivering within agreed upon timing and budgets.  As leader, you will be involved in budgeting, resource planning, and collaborating across other functional areas (outside of Consulting) to achieve the company’s overall business objectives. 

This role will be instrumental in driving Mintel’s growth and reputation in the marketplace. You will be actively involved in pitching capabilities, designing solutions and engaging in sales support. You will lead the strategic planning process for a named number of growth accounts  within their region and potentially lending support to the other regions. You will proactively work with Commercial leadership to identify opportunities. Most importantly, you will build the same expertise within the team such that Mintel Consulting is consistently known for its smart, creative, tailored, timely and most importantly, impactful solutions. Transferring knowledge and expertise more broadly into the Consulting and Commercial organizations will be a key enabler to the long-term success and scalability of the Consulting offering.

As a leader, you will seek continuous improvement, views change as positive and is a proven collaborator.  

To be considered for this role, you should have at least ten years of experience within the space of Consulting, Consumer Insights, Product Innovation, Marketing and/or operations and a minimum of ten years leading people and projects. You should also have experience working in or building a global function.

What You Will Be Doing:

Change Leadership - Enable the global consulting strategy in alignment with the organization's strategic objectives.

  • Activate the department transformation roadmap within your team.
  • Train the team on best-in-class Insight creation and delivery, leveraging all of Mintel’s assets (data, content, people, expertise, etc.)
  • Create mechanisms to continuously test, learn and evolve; optimizing Consulting’s impact in client organizations and our own.
  • Infuse client feedback into all aspects of the Consulting culture and operations.

Business Development and Growth – Drive the growth of the Consulting business by designing innovative solutions and exceeding client expectations in project delivery.

  • Create solutions with options for client consideration.  Find pathways toward long term partnership and actively learn the client’s business such that you are in a position to proactively approach them with new solutions/projects.
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the global Consulting capabilities when to utilize each, where there are opportunities for up-and cross-sell, especially those that are new given the global transformation.
  • Actively participate in Account Planning, especially for the strategic, high-growth accounts.  Build the expertise into your team to do the same at senior levels.
  • Partner with Marketing to develop scalable pitch material, content, and enablement tools by bringing a deep understanding of our custom capabilities and how to translate them into client-centered value propositions. 
  • Partner with Sales Enablement to build training and certification materials for Commercial organization so they are in a position to sell and coach all Consulting solutions.

Delivery of work - Ensure the efficient and effective delivery of consulting projects, meeting or exceeding client expectations in terms of quality, timeliness, and budget.

  • Ensure for all client engagements there is a shared understanding across the delivery team of progress the client is trying to make, who their key stakeholder groups are within their organization and what success looks like from their perspective.
  • Establish best practices for proposal development and delivery of work with tools and technology to provide the highest level of Insight with the greatest efficiency.   
  • Integrate client feedback into ongoing improvement efforts.
  • Establish effective QC protocols, process and governance and audit effectiveness on a regular basis.
  • Manage project level financial reporting to provide leadership with intelligence pricing strategy and coaching opportunities.
  • Effectively leverage resources of the department by maintaining the optional level of pipeline and project support.

Talent Management and Development - Recruit, develop, and retain a high-performing team, providing coaching and mentoring as needed to support their professional growth.

  • Promote a culture of continuous learning and development within the consulting team, ensuring the team stays current on industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies.
  • Develop and implement performance management systems and incentive structures to evaluate and reward consultant performance.
  • Identify training opportunities for the department and work with the President of Global Consulting to create annual learning plans for teams/individuals.

What We Are Looking For:

Leadership – You are an excellent manager and leader. You have the ability to visualize a better future state, get others to join in the journey, and then actually get there. 

A Practitioner – You should have at least ten years of experience within the space of Consulting, Research, Consumer Insights, Product Innovation, and/or Marketing.  You possess and apply practical and technical skills, knowledge, and experience related to delivering a high-level of insight.  

An Achiever – You should have at least ten years of proven ability in managing teams with multiple personalities and motivations, and a proven ability to meet and exceed business targets/objectives.     

Organization Developer – You ensure the division has the capabilities and skills needed for exceptional growth and develop people, hire people, analyze data on your people, and develop an action plan to enhance custom operations.

Client Advocate – You actively join client meetings to speak with and listen to clients. You translate client needs into Mintel solutions and actively work to integrate client needs into Mintel solutions – current and future.

Coach – You develop and boost the team’s confidence around the necessary basic skills, as well as coach on emerging techniques. You coach what you know, but also provoke new ideas and thinking and have formal and informal processes for coaching managers and individuals. You help individuals understand how their role fits into the broader organization and elevate all those around you.

Short and Long-term Focus – You have an understanding of the immediacy of winning this year’s sales results, while making the appropriate adjustments to ensure the business is relevant ten years from now.

Data-Driven – You are able to rapidly organize information, draw conclusions, identify patterns, and succinctly communicate key points and translate your knowledge visually.

Communicator – You are not only a strong speaker, but also a strong listener and take the time to know your audience. You speak clearly, concisely and present yourself with confidence. Your communication, both written and verbal, is effective across all levels and functions of the organization.

Collaborator – you easily work with peers and on teams. You bring a point of view to discussion and at the same time you are always able to listen to and entertain other perspectives. You engage in active dialogue and discussion, articulate the possibilities of your own ideas while remaining open to others.


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