Little Conversation Podcast- Season One

Mintel Little Conversation—a podcast about innovation brought to you by the experts who know consumers better than anyone else.


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What makes a brand trustworthy? Will artificial intelligence take over the world? What is behind our love/hate relationship with sustainability? How will personal identity and human rights affect purchase decisions?

Mintel’s new podcast series ‘Little Conversation’ brings you fresh ideas and new perspectives on how we eat, drink, shop, groom and think. From the key issues impacting society to trends in food, beauty, tech and retail, we’re discussing what consumers want and why.

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Mintel Little Conversation—a podcast about innovation brought to you by the experts who know consumers better than anyone else.

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Season One

whats trending in 2019 holiday season with consumers

Season one finale: What's trending this holiday season

In this final episode, we unwrap some of the major trends this holiday season, including nostalgia and veganism, and end the year with a discussion about what's top of mined for our hosts in 2020.

retail predictions black friday

Winning Black Friday: Retail predictions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019

Mintel analysts review their predictions for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, discuss how the shopping event has evolved over the years, and select retail brand winners for 2019.

decision making

The future of beauty: 2030 Beauty and Personal Care Trends

Today, we're unpacking Mintel's newly released 2030 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends. Whether you're a beauty junkie or curious about how the world will look in 10 years, this episode will give you serious food for thought.

decision making

2030 Global Consumer Trends: How consumer behaviour will change over the next 10 years

Today, we're taking a closer look at Mintel's 2030 Global Consumer Trends. Find out what our 7 Drivers of consumer behaviour are and what they can tell us about consumers over the next decade.

decision making

Buy this, not that: Why purchase decision making is getting more complex

Join our analysts in an insight-packed conversation around shoppers' decision-making journey, encompassing decision fatigue, a redefinition of value, and the impact of ethical practices.

Fashion week review

The secret language of food

In this episode of Little Conversation, we're talking about the language of food and exploring how words can change the way products are perceived by consumers, even impacting sales and legislation.

Fashion week review

Crystal-gazing: The future of money

From cashless societies, to invisible payments and cryptocurrencies, we predict whether current financial trends will mainstream in the future.

Fashion week review

Streaming Wars: Understanding the video streaming landscape

With the streaming video landscape in a period of flux, Mintel analysts guide you through this time of change, from pricing and content strategies to winners and losers.

Fashion week review

Real men use moisturiser: When will the male beauty industry get it right?

Whether men are not being catered for, or because they simply don't care, the potential of the male grooming category isn't fully being met.

Fashion week review

MIND your health: The many faces of mental wellbeing

As levels of anxiety and stress increase, people across the globe are starting conversations around mental wellbeing. How can brands get involved and ensure their commitment is perceived as authentic?

Fashion week review

Fashion Week review: The key fashion and beauty trends you need to know now

From elevated neutrals and make-up colour-blocking to 3D nail art and dirty hair, we discuss the key trends spotted on runways during Fashion Week.

Digital advertising podcast

'Click here': Engaging with consumers via digital advertising 

25 years after the launch of the first internet banner ad, Mintel experts discuss how brands can engage consumers via digital advertising.

Digital Detox podcast

Digital detox: What's all the fuss about?

In this episode, we discuss if the concept of digital detox presents a threat to social media and tech companies and why different generations may be more or less likely to digital detox.

Senior scenarios podcast

Senior scenarios: What ageing might look like in 2030

In 2030, will robots perform all major household chores for seniors? Will the pace of innovation eventually replace human care? Which industry will lead the charge? Check out the latest episode of Little Conversation to hear what our experts think.

Battle of the Foodies podcast

Generation sober: Why Gen Z is breaking up with alcohol

What's behind Gen Z's sober attitudes toward alcohol? How can beverage brands and bars convince young people to leave Netflix at home and go out for a drink? Check out our latest episode of Little Conversation and find out.

Battle of the Foodies podcast

Battle of the foodies: What's the next untapped cuisine?

Our food analysts from the US, UK and Brazil discuss cuisines that are currently unexplored in their regions and determine what's set to take off next.

Predicting the future of (fake) news

Predicting the future of (fake) news

As cynical and critical audiences increasingly question the media, what does the future of news look like?

Veganism: the good, the bad and the ugly


Mintel experts discuss how veganism has changed the rules of the game across food, beauty and fashion, addressing the good, the bad and the questionable issues surrounding this complex topic.

The unstoppable rise of influencers


With the help of social media, 'influencers' have made a career from their ability to set trends and inspire action, a power that was once only reserved for celebrities and the elite. But who are these tastemakers and do people still trust them?

Why is clean living so popular?

Defining 'clean': Why is clean living so popular?

Clean living is about what you put in and on your body. But given an absence of official regulations, how should brands talk to their customers about the clean movement?


Work-Life Balance: a pipe dream for millenials?

This is the ‘work hard, play hard’ generation that can do it all, and with social media adding an extra layer of pressure to look like they are ‘living their best life’, the question arises: at what cost?

Navigating Facebook advertising in 2019

It may be losing its grip on young people, but Facebook remains, by far, the most influential social media platform on the planet. Amid scandal and controversy, how can advertisers find the right balance between privacy and personalisation?

No panic: What Brexit really means for consumers

What does Brexit really mean for consumers? How is today's culture of individualism affecting the way people think about the economy? And why on earth is consumer confidence peaking despite all the uncertainty?!


In time for Prime: Amazon Prime Day 2019

A bonus episode of Little Conversation just in time for Amazon Prime Day! Join our expert analysts to understand what Prime Day is all about and how it fits into Amazon's long term strategy.

Diversity matters: A case for inclusivity in business

Brands have a responsibility to change the moral agenda by embracing all differences, no matter age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or disability. Tune in to find out!

Innovation battle: Our favourite F&D products from 2018

What does a product innovation expert with 30 years of experience think about chickpea beer and probiotic ice cream? Tune in to find out!

Life doesn't stop at 60: How to target ageing consumers

Today, older consumers are more active, fun and open-minded than ever. Then why are they still being neglected by marketers?

Is food gendered? The slow death of gender-based marketing

In an era of gender-neutral language, politics and social interaction, is it time to reconsider gender-focused food and drink products?