We are a specialist team in Mintel providing customised intelligence solutions that help you identify your best opportunities for growth.

Past. Present. Future
Critical to our process is learning from the past, tracking what’s happening in the present, predicting and recommending what’s needed for the future.

Allow us to take the guesswork out of your key decision making. Here are just some of the big strategic questions we have helped our global clients to solve… we’d love to help you solve yours.

  • How do we convert trends into viable growth?
  • How do we deliver successful innovation in a new market?
  • How can we validate our cross-category innovation strategy?
  • How do I better understand and segment our target audience to drive growth?
  • How can we expand our revenue streams within competitive new distribution channels?
  • How do we implement and maintain an effective multiple market pricing strategy?
  • How do I know who our competitors are in a new market?
  • How do we gain insight into our consumers’ understanding of a specialist market?
  • How can we maximise repeat purchase in our highly fluid market?
  • Mintel Consulting: Moving you forward. Faster.