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Our exclusive methods can be customized and connected to help you close the gap between what consumers say and what they do

Mintel Consulting is a team of curious, creative, and commercially-minded thinkers.

We leverage the power of Mintel’s people and resources to amplify market data, trends, and consumer insights to activate the potential within your business.

We are working in your markets constantly and are ready when you need us – that’s why we can move you forward. Faster.

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It’s people who determine your business’s success. But how much do you know about the customers who hold your future in their hands? How can you influence their behavior?


Is any element of your business more important than your brand – the public face of your products and services that determines consumer reaction and favorability towards them?


Innovating is easy. Innovating successfully is not. Successful innovation is new product that sells; new directions people rush to follow. That takes time, expertise, collaboration.


No business can afford to stand still. If you’re not moving forwards, you can be sure others will be moving past. But where do you go to next?