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“There are research services that help you get smart about the big topics but that isn’t going to help you in a pitch. Then there are others that don’t necessarily get you smart but save you time. Finally there’s a third category that gets you smart about the major players and what the market is doing, and I have only really seen it from Mintel.”
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“We use Mintel to inform our thinking and reinforce strategy. If you’re presenting new ideas, it’s essential they are underpinned by robust data and evidence, and clearly rooted in fact. “
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“The thing I love about the reports is that they don’t just throw data at you, there is always some dialogue about how Mintel think a category will perform in the future or the type of innovation they feel could invigorate the market.”
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Know your market size

Learn the size of your market and who owns the share.

Uncover new opportunities

Understand what will drive future growth and where the might be opportunities and obstacles.

See beyond the horizon

Know who is deviating from industry norms to create what’s next.

Inspire strategy

Engage with clients at a higher, more strategic level.