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Hi, thank you for your interest in our MintelxGenZ pilot program with Loyola University Chicago.

We are thrilled to launch the program and extend the invitation to you. As a pilot program participant, you will play an integral role in shaping the future of MintelxGenZ.

Our mission: To launch MintelxGenZ as a direct line between the next generation of data-driven marketers and Mintel.

The program offers four focal benefits for participants:

      1. Industry exposure: A direct line of communication to the world’s leading market intelligence agency.
      2. Professional development: Join a network of student peers and Mintel professionals.
      3. Thought leadership: Co-create ideas and insights that will have true business impact.
      4. Program alumni: Become the first class of MintelxGenZ program alums.

    Program Overview

    The pilot program will kick-off June 17th (tentatively) and will conclude with an on-site wrap-up at Mintel mid-August.

    We will use Slack and Zoom as our digital collaboration hub. There will be three primary components to the pilot program:

    • Ongoing content curation: anything newsworthy you’re seeing online and/or offline that you’d like to share with the group via Slack.
    • Weekly discussions: once a week we will discuss a topic of interest via Zoom/Slack.
    • Monthly thought bubbles: A call for participants to provide their thoughts/perspectives on a chosen topic (150-300 words).
    • We welcome and encourage your honest feedback throughout the pilot as it will be crucial in shaping the direction of the program. We expect the program to evolve as we learn what’s working, what’s not, and will adapt accordingly.

      Program Expectations

      • Active content curation is expected. Contribute at least one item per week.
      • Participate in at least 2 weekly discussions per month.
      • Submit at least one monthly thought bubble.
      • All program participants who meet the program expectations will be invited to an onsite wrap-up at Mintel.

      Next Steps

      • Read Conditions of Participation HERE.
      • Read Mintel’s Privacy Policy HERE.
      • Fill out Participant Form and confirm Participant Agreement HERE.

      Your participation will be confirmed by Mintel via email. Pilot program kicks-off June 17th (tentatively).


      Jeannette Ornelas
      Sr Digital Marketing Analyst, Mintel & Program Lead, MintelxGenZ