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With a glut of Christmas parties now just days away, many of us will soon find ourselves feeling the effects of the inevitable festive overindulgence. This time of year is prime time for the Gastro-Intestinal (GI) remedies market, but beyond Christmas, latest research from MINTEL shows changing British lifestyles have meant that we now spend more on these products than ever before. Indeed, over the last five years the market for GI remedies has seen a substantial 26% growth, with sales set to hit £245 million this year. What is more, sales will see even faster growth over the coming five years, with the market forecast to reach £328 million by 2011, up 34% on 2006 figures. “This market has seen substantial growth as a result of the British public’s increasingly dysfunctional relationship with food and diet. While rising affluence and more frequent travel abroad have fuelled an interest in foreign, often spicy food, as well as richer meals offered on the tables of fine dining restaurants, Britain has simultaneously seen rising demand for takeaways and fast food, often high in fat and low in nutritional value. All this and the rise of binge drinking have lead to high levels of obesity in the British population, which in turn can lead to digestive problems and a greater need for GI remedies,” comments David Bird, senior market analyst at MINTEL.