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While in recent years organic food has been creating a storm in Britain’s kitchens, it is now time for beauty products to step into the organic limelight. Latest research from the MINTEL Global New Products Database (GNPD) shows that there have been around 200 new organic and all natural beauty products launched in the UK so far this year. This is a huge 170% increase on the 73 products launched during the whole of 2006, and we are not yet half way through the year. What is more, the UK has seen the largest increase in new organic and all natural beauty product launches of any European country. ” in line with the growing interest in organic food and drink, demand for all natural or organic toiletries is really taking off, as people become increasingly concerned about what they put ‘on’ their bodies, as well as ‘in’ their bodies,” comments Nica Lewis, Head Consultant of Cosmetic Research, MINTEL.