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while it’s one more round for the BritsLatest research from MINTEL shows that in two of Europe’s largest economies, France and Germany, social, economic and political changes have lead to many consumers turning their backs on alcohol. Indeed, in France consumption fell by 6% between 1999 and 2004 to stand at just under 6 billion litres and in Germany it fell by some 8% over the same five year period to below 12 billion litres. What is more, MINTEL’s five year forecasts suggest that alcohol consumption in these two countries is set to decline further, leaving the alcohol industries in France and Germany faced with yet more challenging times ahead. ” In France and Germany the cultural zeitgeist seems to be moving towards healthier lifestyles and away from alcohol consumption. Many adults, particularly the younger generation, are becoming increasingly health-conscious and as a result many have switched partly or entirely to non-alcoholic drinks. Stringent legislation relating to the advertising of alcoholic drinks will have also had an impact on these markets, while in Germany continuing high unemployment and consequent economic worries have undoubtedly contributed to this trend, ” explains Hanna Kivimaki, senior consumer analyst at MINTEL.