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Ireland is leading the way in the trend for no additives and preservatives in food and drink, Mintel will reveal tomorrow. Indeed, the No Additives/Preservatives claim is more established in Ireland than in Europe overall and shows a growing trend over the past five years. Today, as many as 46% of all food & drink launches in Ireland feature the No Additives/Preservatives claim, this compares to just 17% of all products launched in Europe as a whole. And the number of products featuring this claim continues to grow, increasing from just 22% back in 2007 to almost half (46%) of all products now launched in Ireland.

Conversely Mintel’s research also reveals that Low Fat and Sugar claims in food and drink products across Ireland are decreasing. Just 8% of all new products launched in Ireland in 2011 have the Low/No/Reduced Fat claim down from 15% of all new product launches in 2007, while 7% of products have a Low/No/Reduced Sugar claim, down from as many as 17% of all new products launched in 2007. This confirms main consumer trends, where consumers realise that a balanced nutrition is better than one where they go without certain products and nutrients.

The news comes as Mintel holds its inaugural Ireland Innovation Breakfast Briefing to showcase the latest trends and innovations that are likely to impact Irish business in the coming year and beyond on Wednesday 4th May at the Clarion Hotel Dublin. Delegates to the event are set to get insights into Trends in times of recession, the latest packaging trends as well as new product development into food and drink and the wider FMCG sector.

Carla Ogeia Lewis, Trends and Innovation Consultant at Mintel, said:

” ireland leading the way demonstrates commitment to NPD and our event is the chance to showcase trends in the coming year. We believe that provenance claims and the use of local ingredients will also be a major trend for consumers wishing to support local businesses. “

Delegates to the event will also have the opportunity to ask questions and get personalised advice for their business.