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Mintel, the experts in what consumers want and why, has announced Shawn Vaughn will serve as the Senior Vice President of Sales for North America. With over 15 years of experience, Vaughn brings a well-respected, people-oriented leadership style and newly-polished data-driven mindset to lead Mintel’s CPG business to new heights.

Vaughn started his Mintel career in an account management role in 2004, working his way up to become Vice President, Account Management in 2009, and, ultimately, Vice President, CPG and Beauty for North America. In 2017, Vaughn left Mintel to serve as Executive Vice President, Sales and Client Services at GutCheck, where his strategic direction contributed to consistent year-over-year double-digit growth.

Shawn Vaughn, Senior Vice President of Sales, North America, said: 

“Current marketplace trends are producing ever-evolving dynamics that are changing the ways we engage with and, ultimately, serve our clients. Mintel’s culture promotes endless curiosity, with a specific focus on listening, learning, and driving growth. This ethos guides us in our day-to-day collaborations and longer-term planning.

“Looking ahead, as we continue to cultivate and build our client base, our efforts will be both employee- and client-led to ensure we continue to deliver the highest quality products, services, data, and expertise to our clients.”

Ben Dietz, President, Mintel Americas, said:

“We are thrilled to have Shawn at Mintel. He epitomizes our values of lifelong learning, humility, and grit. Shawn is a natural-born problem-solver, gravitating towards challenges, spotting what needs adjusting, developing a thoughtful plan, and gathering the right people to find a solution. His data-driven approach will further elevate our ability to make better, smarter decisions for Mintel, as well as enable us to better support our clients in doing the same.” 

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Interviews with Shawn Vaughn to discuss his role at Mintel and why consumer research is valuable to brands now more than ever before are available on request from the press office.