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Mintel has today (9 October) launched a new initiative aiming to engage students with the Mintel brand and offer a year long programme for students to gain real business skills and industry experience to assist in the ever more competitive graduate job market.

From today, students can register their interest at mintel.com/studentambassador to sign up to become an ambassador with Mintel. Following this, applicants will then have the opportunity to apply for one of fifty ambassador roles via a selection process involving a creative project task – where submissions will be uploaded online, using drawing, writing, video or audio to represent their submission.

The fifty strong ambassador team will then enrol on a year long programme organised by Mintel, involving participation in competitions and challenges designed to add industry experience to their CV. The challenges set will enable students to develop core competencies such as leadership, team building, project management and marketing skills amongst others. As part of the programme Mintel will also host regular networking events at Mintel’s London headquarters where the group will have the opportunity to give feedback to help shape Mintel’s academic offering to ensure it stays relevant for today’s student community.

Steve Charlton, MD Professional Services, at Mintel, said:

“In the current economic climate, today’s graduates face ever more competition for jobs – not only are they competing with their peers, but also with experienced professionals. Leaving university with a qualification alone is no longer enough. Employers are demanding solid work experience to demonstrate their value and having the edge on your CV has never been more important.”

“Mintel has a long history of partnering with leading academic institutions to help students gain more market insight and add value to their education. By being a Mintel Student Ambassador, students will be able to work with Mintel to gain valuable industry experience to help in the inevitable competency related questions expected by employers.”

At the end of the year long programme, a number of the ambassadors will have the the chance to take part in a paid two week placement at Mintel’s London headquarters in the department of their choice – enabling them to utilise the skills they have developed throughout the year to demonstrate robust experience to showcase on their CV.