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This Bonfire Night Brits are set to spend a dazzling £316 million enjoying the event, up 2% from £310 million in 2017, according to new Mintel research on seasonal shopping.

Last year almost two in five (38%) Brits shelled out on products for Bonfire Night. But, according to Mintel, it’s the nation’s dads who are displaying the biggest interest in this event as over two thirds (69%) of fathers purchased items for Bonfire Night in 2017, compared to 63% of mums. Britain’s dads were also most likely to splash the cash for this celebration; almost three in ten (27%) dads who purchased for Bonfire Night spent between £10-£25 in 2017, compared to 24% of mums. Meanwhile, around one in ten (8%) of these dads spent more than £100, compared to just 3% of mums.

As fireworks take centre stage on Bonfire Night, they account for the largest share (50%) of spend, with Brits burning through £155 million worth of bangers, rockets and Catherine Wheels last year. Other major areas of spend include food/drink (valued at £62 million) and sweets/chocolates (valued at £39 million).

Overall, as many as three quarters (74%) of Brits say they enjoy attending public Bonfire Night events. But while Brits clearly love the thrill of the celebration, a cautious 46% of Bonfire Night purchasers say that safety concerns put them off hosting a Bonfire Night party, rising to half of women (49%).

Chana Baram, Retail Analyst at Mintel, said:

“As the smallest of the Autumn/Winter seasonal events, Bonfire Night presents a growing opportunity for the retail market, and is often overlooked compared to other larger events such as Halloween and back to school. With continued uncertainty surrounding the UK economy, today’s consumers are happier to spend on experiences. Bonfire Night is enjoyed as an event, with many people going to a public Bonfire Night display, and some throwing their own party. There is a definite opportunity for food retailers to combine a Bonfire Night and food event, as, apart from fireworks, food is the main product purchased for the event. ”