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Latest research from MINTEL finds Britain’s men wracked with worry and feeling the pressures of modern day living. Indeed, nearly one in every ten (8%) men are ‘Anxiety Ridden’ finding life simply too much to handle, with this anxiety peaking at one in seven men amongst the 25 to 44 year olds. These men worry about employment issues, time pressures and financing their desired lifestyles, which is causing them to feel stressed and overworked. ” Britain’s 25 to 44 year old ‘Anxiety Ridden’ men are going through what could be described as a ‘early life crisis’, as opposed to a ‘mid life crisis’. The key problem is their overambitious aspirations for themselves and their families. Over the next few years this group wants it all – better job, better home, more holidays, more time for themselves and they hope to achieve all this while reducing their debt levels as well. Adopting more realistic ambitions would result in many men feeling happier and less stressed, ” comments Angela Hughes, Consumer Research Manager.