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We have all been there – the driver and map-reader sitting in the car, with the road map crumpled on the floor as they argue about exactly where they are and where they should be. But a new report from MINTEL finds that this could all be a thing of the past, as sales of satellite navigation systems soar. In 2005, the market for sat nav systems was worth an impressive £305 million, compared to a mere £50 million just two years previously. It would seem that British car owners are now willing to splash out some 510% more on finding their way – and saving a relationship – than they were in 2003. This growth is particularly impressive in the face of falling average prices for sat nav systems from over £1,000 when they first came out to nearer £100 today. ” Sat nav systems are great for taking the hassle out of driving, as they mean you no longer have to either pull over and consult the map or have raging rows over faulty map-reading. This sector is set to continue to develop as prices fall and the technical capabilities improve. Already sat nav systems that can be transferred from car to car are commonplace and many are now designed to be taken out of the car and used as personal navigation aids for roaming around cities. It is also likely that sat nav will ultimately merge with in-car entertainment systems to create a technology ‘hub’ that will provide music and video content, navigation solutions and mobile communications, ” explains Matt King, senior market analyst at MINTEL.