Today’s teenagers will live – and buy – for longer than any previous generation, so it’s understandable that they are taking their time to embrace the previously prized independent ‘adult’ freedoms of home, cars, sex, work and indulgences. Like all generations before them, they are facing the usual criticisms from elders, who are confounded and outraged by their levels of conservatism and connectivity.

This presentation explores the opportunities posed by a new generation which is more informed, more progressive and more anxious than any before them and asks what kind of world they will shape and grow into.

Here is a sneak peak of what you'll find inside the presentation:

  • 36% of UK consumers between the ages of 16-20 say "the eating and drinking habits of previous generations were less healthy than those today"
  • 65% of French consumers between the ages of 16-20 say "I'd feel lonely if I didn't own a smartphone"
  • Snacking during the world cup will be dominated by strong flavours and textures.
  • 68% of Italian consumers say "I'm concerned about how food companies treat animals"