Mintel offers so much more than just Reports.
Did you know we can also support you with the following types of research projects?

Consumer Segmentation Studies
Benefit from a deep understanding of your target audience and how to address the wants and needs of each particular segment.

Competitor Landscapes
Get an up-to-date knowledge of your competitors’ offer. Highlights areas you can focus on to help you differentiate yourself from your rivals.

Brand Tracking Studies
Track awareness and perceptions of your brand by current and potential customers – helping
you track the effectiveness of your marketing spend and benchmark against the competition.

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Is any element of your business more important than your brand – the public face of your products and services that determines consumer reaction and favorability towards them?


It’s people who determine your business’s success. But how much do you know about the customers who hold your future in their hands? How can you influence their behavior?


Innovating is easy. Innovating successfully is not. Successful innovation is new product that sells; new directions people rush to follow. That takes time, expertise, collaboration.


No business can afford to stand still. If you’re not moving forwards, you can be sure others will be moving past. But where do you go to next?