Buy the reports instantly online, or as part of a wider subscription package. Focusing on key topics related to the online shopping experience and consumer behavior online, Mintel eCommerce reports provide an in-depth understanding of the channel.

  • Issue-based questions that get to the heart of consumer behavior
  • In-depth quantitative and qualitative research
  • The impact of advertising and social media - June 2018
  • Influencing factors for different behavior in different categories
  • Comparison of online and in-store shopping behavior
  • Analysis of key players in eCommerce

Consumer behaviors

What are consumers looking for, what drives their buying habits and what are their main purchase influencers?

Demographic breakdown

Generations, regions, gender and more. Who is spending money and what are they spending it on?


What happens next, which areas are likely to experience growth and what opportunities exist within the market?

Company strategy

What are the key players doing, what has been successful for them and what was their marketing spend?

Each report will identify opportunities for retailers and brands alike to engage consumers, gain market share and understand what drives consumer decisions online.

    Selection of included titles:
    • How Online Shopping for Apparel is Evolving for Consumers
    • Why Consumers Build and (Sometimes) Abandon Online Shopping Carts
    • Multi-Level Marketing and the Beauty Industry
    • Competing with Amazon
    • Delivery and Returns: Understanding Consumer Needs
    • Digital Advertising
    • Household & Personal Care: Overcoming Consistent Patterns in Online Shopping Behavior
    • Buying Online: Understanding Why Consumers Sometimes Don’t
    • How Online Shopping for Electronics is Evolving for Consumers
    • Food and Drink eCommerce: Buying Perishables
    • Foodservice Online Ordering and Delivery
    • How Online Shopping for VMS is Evolving for Consumers
    • How Online Shopping for Home Décor is Evolving for Consumers
    • Online Grocery Shopping
    • How Consumers Discover Products Online
    • Online Shopping
    • How Social Media and Product Reviews Impact Online Shopping
    • The Role of Packaging in an Online Marketplace
    • Social Media in Foodservice
    • Social Media Trends
    • The State of the eCommerce Industry:  Annual Report
    • Understanding Consumer Usage and Attitudes Toward Subscription Services
    • The Amazon Effect
    • The Future of eCommerce: Voice and Emerging Technologies
    • The Path to Online Purchase: Understanding the Consumer

US eCommerce Reports
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Know the who, what and why of consumer behavior online with Mintel eCommerce Reports

Our reports focus on consumer shopping behavior online with in-depth and issue-based research on key themes and players in eCommerce. Each report is also supported by in-depth analysis, as well as context and commentary provided by experienced analysts who help complete the picture of the past, present and future for this channel.

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