At Mintel, we work with many of the world’s most successful suppliers and brands to drive new business and help them to stand out against competitors with future looking insights, fresh ideas, and data backed sales stories. Buyers today are pushing back on their partners to “teach us something we don’t already know.”

About the Mintel Pitch Pack
Our Pitch Pack offers you exactly what you think it might mean, free support on your next pitch. Mintel knows what consumers want and why. Clients can leverage the Mintel analysts and data points to validate your ideas by providing valuable information and insight to help you win your next business opportunity or provide you with the validation you need for your internal projects and pitches.

Exclusive offer for you
Tell us in detail about your next pitch to a retail buyer or manufacturer. Simply fill in the form with your details and we will contact you to discuss a free consultation and delivery of up to 3 slides of consumer, innovation and trend insights to support and win your pitch.

What to expect:

We’ll explore your goal for the pitch, potential knowledge gaps and introduce some insight that can bolster and validate your pitch.

We will work with our analysts and Customer Success team to develop up to 3 slides of tailored content for your next pitch.

Invite our team onsite or over ZOOM for a post review of how your pitch performed and where we can help next!

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