What are the hottest topics consumers are talking about right now? How relevant are these issues to your brand? Mintel's trends guru, Richard Cope, sheds light on these matters to help you stay ahead of the curve.

What trends do we cover?

Sea Change Maritime conservation is at the heart of many campaigns and new product launches. From ocean plastic fashion to packaging recycling and ingredient bans, various brands and governments work towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

Shareholders Recent high-profile hacks of accounts and malware crisis have increased the consumers’ concern around data share and protection. The upcoming legislation change might be a game changer for many businesses which will need to rethink their digital strategy.

Accountants In a world of post-truth politics and unsubstantiated media, consumers are looking for brands to court them with transparency and evidence. Which strategies can organisations apply to achieve this desired clarity and simplicity?

Teenaiders The younger generation is facing increasing pressure and anxiety around image, health and work often leading to stress and mental illness. Mental and health contributors are tackling this emerging issue in different ways.