European consumers and protein

The growing interest in healthy lifestyles and plant-based diets, ethical and/or environmental approach and increasing variety of available proteins are important factors shaping consumer demands and market offerings regarding high protein food and drink products.

In this webinar, Mintel’s Food and Drink Analysts Regina Maiseviciute Haydon and Honorata Jarocka investigate why proteins still remain high on a radar of consumers as well as food and drink producers, as a significant number of consumers agree that having a healthy and balanced diet will provide the amount of protein their bodies need.

What's in it?

  • Mintel shows the results of the newest European consumer data on protein and their implication on the food and drink industry in Europe.
  • Overview of the current protein offering across food and drink categories.
  • Mintel also looks at the recent developments regarding protein usage in other regions and their potential impact on the European food and drink market.