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Mintel Academic
Mintel Market Sizes

When I visit the classroom I can tell students they have access to approximately 1000 consumer marketing reports, which can be product-specific or lifestyle-specific.

I have lived through the format shift from paper to online, and although market reports were valuable in the paper age they were never available to students. We had a catalog that listed the reports and their costs, which we could show to students and say this is what a market report would look like if you had $3000 to buy one.

The advent of online publishing changed that. Mintel were one of the first market report publishers to recognize the value of being able to put their brand name in front of university students, and we were I think one of the earliest subscribers to their academic collection.


A lot of student groups at all levels have to write a marketing report; typically it’s a group project built around a product or service and the deliverable of the class is a report that is an attempt to emulate what you would see in a real marketing firm, so they will do some surveying, use some data and use market reports as well.

Mike Davis
Business Librarian

I’m responsible for the information happiness of about 3000 students and 100 professors.

In that role I’m advocating for the Isenberg School of Management, which has a big academic program including MBA and PhD programs in management. We’ve been a Mintel subscriber since 2005.

student research

Mintel Academic is primarily used by undergraduate and graduate students to complete assignments or semester-long projects.

More than 90% of my Mintel usage involves using the executive summaries because I don’t need to take a deep dive into the literature for most tasks.

The executive summaries are incredibly valuable, almost as a standalone entity.


When I visit the classroom I tell students that Mintel reports will save them an enormous amount of time and give them the most up-to-date information about consumer trends and consumer preferences.

But I also tell them that I have a preference for Mintel reports because of the quality of writing within them.

These are not dusty, stuffy business reports; Mintel analysts report in a brave, lively and thoughtful manner that keeps readers interested and really talks about consumers with almost a sense of admiration towards their behaviors and the ways in which these evolve.

I tell them that for those of you who are marketing students this is what I call model writing and the level you should aspire to.

So not only do Mintel reports provide information about consumers but they also show students the level of writing and thoughtfulness that is possible.