What’s it about?

New Products on the Market: What is it?

The world’s number one Global New Products Database.

New products don’t just go to the shops – they are picked up for our global database too. We analyse and categorise everything about them, from ingredients to innovation, promotion to packaging.

We incorporate multiple data sources, 33,000 new products a month, sourced from 62 of the world’s major economies – using local shoppers to obtain accurate information direct from the field.

That gives us the depth of resources we need to track trends in product innovation and retail success.

Global New Products Database clients are major manufacturers, retailers, suppliers and agencies in the CPG/FMCG space – 90% of the leading companies worldwide. But if your business focus is on marketing, branding, research, sales or innovation, our data can improve your understanding and results.

What’s inside?

  • Detailed data on new products launched in the food, beverage, beauty and personal care, healthcare, household goods and pet care markets

  • 80 fields of information ranging from flavour and materials to packaging and positioning

  • Sub-group classifications to enable deeper analysis on the new products in the market

  • Searchable, saveable, customisable data and trending tools – sliced and diced to meet your exact needs

  • Selections of new products delivered to your door so you can see, touch and taste for yourself

What can it tell me?

  • Who’s launching what – and how successful they are?

  • Which claims and positioning are trending, and where is the white space?

  • What are the new product trends – and whether they are opportunities or threats?

  • How your competitors are innovating and going to market. Where their strengths and weaknesses lie?

  • What ingredients and materials are flavour of the month. How well they will stand the test of time?

  • What’s new in packaging and branding – and how that affects your future product plans?


of the world’s major economies covered

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