What’s it about?

Advertising is everywhere. So are we. We’re tracking direct mail, email, print advertising and online campaigns across Canada and the USA. We see what your customers see. We hear what your competitors are telling them.

We know the key markets. Credit Cards. Insurance. Telecommunications. Banking. Investments. Mortgage and loan. Automotive. Travel and leisure.

We hold the biggest data. Mintel Comperemedia collects 2,000 pieces of direct mail, 3,500 emails, 500 banner ads and 250 print ads every single day. Targeting consumers, small businesses, insurance agents.

We offer the sharpest insights. Our team of expert analysts makes sense of that data to bring you recommendations you can action right away. Brand-specific, benchmarked against the competition, whole-market coverage – metrics tailored to your business needs.

How do you compare? You need to know.


What’s inside?

  • More than 6,000 materials collected every day

  • Scanned images of every marketing piece

  • Over 100 unique data points captured

  • Consumer studies, webinars and reports on marketing’s current hot topics

  • Tools to analyze competitor responses to issues and trends, and their use of cross-channel communication

  • ePerformance: Competitive email marketing performance monitoring

What can it tell me?

  • How your competitors are marketing to your target audience

  • How to respond to industry trends in pricing, product and tactics

  • How to engage your prospects and improve advertising response rates

  • How marketing campaigns are developing across channels

  • What’s new in cross-channel marketing

  • Where your marketing should be headed

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