What’s it about?

Mintel Market Sizes is your fast–track to global market data. Mintel Market Sizes is a trusted database containing market size, market share and forecast data for thousands of consumer goods categories worldwide.

Market size data underpinning your business decisions.

Mintel understands the importance of market size data within your organisation. Whether you’re seeking expansion opportunities, diversifying to new markets or capturing new clients, understanding the characteristics of a market is critical to your decision making process.

Mintel Market Sizes provides fast, easy to compare, extractable market data. Records consist of market size, market share and segmentation data, along with supporting trend forecasts. Using a blend of primary and secondary research, enhanced by exclusive insights from Mintel, users of Mintel Market Sizes will be assured they are using the best-in-class transparent research data.

Mintel Market Sizes sits at the hearts of our clients’ businesses supporting day-to-day ad hoc data requests, as well as feeding into long term strategic planning.

You too will be impressed with the speed, accuracy and timeliness of the database. Mintel Market Sizes offers incredible value and will quickly embed itself as a much relied upon research resource within your organisation.

What’s inside?

  • Market size data

  • Market forecast data

  • Market share and segmentation

  • Socio-economic data

What can it tell me?

  • Market conditions in an unfamiliar industry, region or country

  • Add reliable forecast data to support your business plans and goals

  • Insight to the structure and size of a category

  • Benchmark against population, GDP and CPI to create an overall illustration of market potential

Who do we partner with?

Mintel has forged a strong working relationship with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). Both companies share a respected heritage in delivering market research, analysis and forecasts to business-leaders around the world.

The EIU is the source of all socio-economic data contained within Mintel Market Sizes. With specialist economic and political insight for over 200 countries EIU data perfectly complements Mintel Market Sizes.

IRi is a global provider of big data and predictive analytics for CPG/FMCG manufacturers and retailers. IRI is the source of some sales data for the US and UK contained within Mintel Market Sizes.

RADDAR Consumer Knowledge Group is a market research organization in Colombia founded in 2005, with operations in Latin America. They are dedicated to the measurement of household consumption in CPG/FMCG market. RADDAR is the source of some sales data for Colombia contained within Mintel Market Sizes.


countries covered with market sizes, market share, forecast and segmentation

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