What’s it about?

The market: Sized, segmented, dissected and discussed – everything you need to know, succinctly put and shot through with creative thought. No observation without implication.

Market intelligence – what does that mean? Hard-to-find facts and the intellect to interrogate them. The sharpest minds, working with the smartest data. Legwork + brain work = results.

Comprehensive? Beyond the covers as well as between them. We offer more than 700 reports every year, across dozens of industries and markets. But we stay up to date on a daily basis and give our clients the same live view.

  • Email alerts and RSS feeds

  • Regular insights from Mintel experts on key trends and emerging issues

  • Access to lead analysts when you need specific advice

  • Expert-led webinars on consumer trends and the latest innovations

  • Benefit from multi-format downloads including PDF, DOC, PPT and infographic summaries

What’s inside?

  • Market data, including size, segmentation, forecasts and share

  • Robust consumer research compiled through clear and trusted methodologies

  • Strategic assessments of the key forces driving industry change

  • Insightful analysis of the big issues facing the sector

  • Company profiles and adspend data

  • The wider cultural trends the market can tap in to for growth

What can it tell me?

  • The size of the market and who owns what share

  • What consumers are doing. How they are changing. What they think of products, services, brands

  • What will drive future growth. Where the opportunities and challenges will lie

  • Who’s innovating right now. Where the next big things will be coming from

  • The priorities and strategies that will make your business future-ready


consumer market reports published every year

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