What’s it about?

Product innovation is not just about being new or being different. It’s about creating new products that customers will love, taking a different path consumers will want to follow. That’s where our expertise in product innovation comes into its own. We seek out new flavours, formulas, fragrances, packaging, ingredients and ideas. And we track how consumers respond, identifying what works and what doesn’t. And explaining exactly why. That gives our clients an edge. It tunes them in to emerging trends, giving them a base of knowledge on which their own new ideas can flourish. It’s why we work with 90% of the world’s leading FMCG businesses. It’s why we can work for yours.

Who is it for?

You work in product development, product innovation, research and development or product design. You’re challenged to improve the speed, quality and success of product development projects. You need evidence and insights to develop and validate concepts, build business cases, develop the products and take them successfully to market. Our product innovation insights can inspire your ideas and our data can support them. At Mintel, we know about product innovation – we’ve analysed over 2.5 million new FMCG products and counting.

What’s in it for you?


You need data to support your thinking and innovation strategies. We spot the trends and spell out their implications so you can concentrate on what you do best – innovating for your business.


Our global view can expand your creative horizons and give you a new perspective. Our experience puts innovation in context, so you can see its potential on your own patch.


We’re focused on results, on exploring objectively the reasons for the success and failure of new product launches. We can show you best practice and help you avoid the same mistakes so you’re one step ahead of the competition.


  • Concept development

  • Concept validation

  • Innovation trends

  • Innovation consulting

  • Ingredients

  • Competitive intelligence

  • New product sales data

  • Packaging analysis

  • Claims analysis


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